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About Us
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The Ontario Association of School Business Officials (OASBO) brings together dedicated professionals who are committed to collaborative development, sharing and promotion of leading business practices in the support of our students.


As a professional association, OASBO will:
  • Facilitate information sharing throughout OASBO.
  • Optimize operational processes within OASBO.
  • Promote, encourage and facilitate learning at all opportunities.
  • Collaborate with new and existing partnerships to ensure that business objectives of members and their boards are best served.
  • Generate and foster sustainable awareness of OASBO amongst internal and external stakeholders.

In addition we

  • Provide school business Professional Development through workshops conferences and annual meetings.
  • Promote and Strengthen Education in school business management through the development of course and programs internally, and in conjunction with external educational institutions and associations.
  • Promote Efficiency in school business operations and encourage research in related areas
  • Enhance the professional status of our members.
  • Advise and Assist the various Ministries of the provincial Government and other organizations in promoting the interest and management of the education systems in Ontario.


The Association is proud to maintain a positive relationship with the Minister and Ministry of Education. Through constructive and cooperative liaison OASBO is represented on various other committees of MET and other Ministries.

Accountability through Governance

The Association functions at four levels:

  1. The Executive is comprised of the President, Past President, Vice-President and Executive Director. The Executive Director is employed part time by the Association as an advisor in administrative and policy related issues.
  2. The Board of Directors is comprised of ten individuals representing various business functions elected by the membership. A Director will serve two year terms. Having served for two terms, a director is obliged to retire from the Board for one election before returning. A term is defined as the time between Annual meetings, usually scheduled in May.
  3. Through its Standing Committees, the Board of Directors seeks to provide the membership and the Ministry with an understanding of the concerns unique, but not restricted, to the area of school business.
  4. The full time Executive Assistant and the Accounting & Workshop Coordinator complement the work of the Executive Director and carry on the daily operations of the Association.

Standing Committees

OASBO has 18 standing committees representing the following business functions:

  • Admissions/Enrolment
  • Council Senior Business Officials (COSBO)
  • Council of Senior Human Resources Officials (COSHRO)
  • Community Use of Schools (CUS)
  • Disability Management
  • Environment & Sustainability (ESC)
  • Finance
  • Health & Safety
  • Human Resources
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Internal Audit
  • Operations, Maintenance & Construction (OMC)
  • Payroll & Benefits
  • Planning
  • Privacy & Information Management (PIM)
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Transportation

Professional Development

  • OASBO through its standing Committees sponsors many activities to meet the needs of the profession and the membership:
  • OASBO Annual Conference
  • Annual School Board Administrative Staff Conference
  • Operations, Maintenance and Construction (OMC) Annual Workshop
  • ECOO/ICT Workshop
  • Finance Workshop
  • Health & Safety Workshop
  • Supply Chain Management Workshop
  • Transportation Conference
  • University-affiliated workshops and courses in Purchasing, Human Resources and Transportation, Payroll & Benefits, Information & Communication Technology.